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Designing the Outdoor Space = art + furniture


SUBJECT: outdoor space

Walk in the door, put down your stuff, take a deep breath and walk outside to your Zen Space. It’s time to make your Outdoor Space a retreat area!

Outdoor furniture from Crate & Barrel

Just think of how nice it would be to sink into an outdoor sofa like that! 

Now add your art focal point with a piece like Rainbow Puddle. The name alone makes me think of the great smells and fun puddles to jump in after an afternoon summer shower.

Rainbow Puddle from the Hong Kong Light Show collection by Amanda Brown

The colors tie everything together and add a brilliant burst of colors!

Add a few plants, nice greenery and flowering annuals, in pots like these and you have a beautiful zen space! 

Hot pots from Crate & Barrel

A perfect spot for relaxing at the end of the week with your sweetie and friends! Enjoy!

Next Monday I celebrate my full moon birthday in Bali…guess what I will be talking about :)

Have a great weekend! 

Love You, Now the Difficult Stuff

Surprisingly few newly engaged couples seem to have these frank discussions, some of which can serve to avoid painful misunderstandings later on.

“Courtship-dating-romance is a process of collecting information about each other, sifting through it to decide ‘Should I continue with this person?’ ” said Marty Klein, a marriage and family therapist inPalo Alto,Calif.Once people decide they are in love, he said, too often they will duck tough conversations for fear of undermining what they see as a magical connection.

Wonder how many couples have the “how will our stuff mesh together?!?” discussions before moving in together?

(Source: The New York Times)

Designing the Bedroom = art + furniture


SUBJECT: bedroom 

I’m still putting my design degree to use for ya! So far I have put together the art + furniture for the living room and dining room, today it is all about the bedroom.

I consider this to be the MOST IMPORTANT ROOM  of the home. Your retreat. Your getaway. 


Start with a calming piece of art. I chose Golden Vortex because looking deep into it makes you feel as though you are slipping away. In deep slumber, you should feel as though you are floating down the vortex into la-la-land.

Golden Vortex from the Hong Kong Light Show collection

A huge bed (so that you can roll around together) with simple lines (so that it will last for decades) to load up with comfy, cushy pillows and blankets. Think cloud-like comfort when picking out your accessories. 

Dawson King Bed from Crate & Barrel

I read ages ago that you should always use white (and shades of white) for your bed linens because it subconsciously provides tranquility for you while you sleep. 

I would paint the walls a warm gray (carries some of the strength and mystery of black, invokes serenity) or golden yellow (happiness). You can read about the meanings of color HERE.

To continue the clean, modern look I would add a chest with simple lines and asymmetrical features.

Ferris Chest from Crate & Barrel

Show me pictures of your favorite bedroom….real or design inspirations of what you would love to have! 

Tomorrow….the home office :)

This proposal kicked off my week’s thoughts on love, marriage and designing a space that includes art and the backbone pieces needed in a new home. 


(Source: http)

Designing the Living Room = art + furniture


SUBJECT: living room 

I have so many friends moving, moving in together, graduating and starting “adult life” and the lucky few getting married that I thought I would spend the week creating rooms based on furniture from Crate & Barrel combined with the Limited Edition Prints  that I am shooting as I travel around the world.

Every so often I put that Interior Design degree of mine to work!

One of my favorite pieces of art is Amber Swirl because the flowing colors remind me of stained glass. 

Amber Swirl from the Hong Kong Light Show collection on

Hang that in the new living room (granted if you are renting it will probably be Home Depot eggshell white) over a sofa that will last.

I suggest a sleeper sofa (for those unexpected guest) in a basic, classic shape. You can always dress it up with pillows.

A sofa such as this one will last you decades. I know, we were still using the Thayer Coggin classic that my dad had in college when I was a teenager.

Classic shapes and classic colors will last forever! The art you hang above it will enhance it and allow you to bring in more accent colors.

Cameron Sleeper Sofa from Crate & Barrel

Tomorrow….dining room :)

Photography + Interior Design TIP

Instead of focusing the color on the furnishings, put the color on the walls and hanging artwork. With the furnishing being a neutral color, it will let the brilliant displays of color in the artwork be the focal point of your room.

Design DO:

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