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Designing the Home Office = art + furniture


SUBJECT: home office

The home office, the place where I spend 50% of my day (sometimes it feels like 99%!), is a very important place to have organized and ready for work.

Admit it…you DO work at home!

So let’s make it look beautiful yet provide you with the space and organization you need to make the magic happen! 

Rice Paddy Haze from the Hong Kong Light Show collection by Amanda Brown

This piece of fine art photography, Rice Paddy Haze, is a favorite of the art gallery owners who represent my work. The instant they see it you hear the purr of contentment….the exact feeling that needs to be invoked when you are busy at work! 

Add to that a great shelving system to display books, trinkets from your travels and pictures of you with your sweetie.

Sloane Leaning Desk from Crate & Barrel

Then, the most important feature, a desk that is stylish and functional.

Clybourn Desk from Crate & Barrel

And a chair that is comfortable and has clean lines. Don’t mess up the design by putting a clunker from Office Depot in here!

Ripple Desk Chair from Crate & Barrel

Put all of that together in your own room (for more privacy), a nook/porch or a section of the living room and you are set!

Tomorrow: creating zen in your outdoor space!

Designing the Bedroom = art + furniture


SUBJECT: bedroom 

I’m still putting my design degree to use for ya! So far I have put together the art + furniture for the living room and dining room, today it is all about the bedroom.

I consider this to be the MOST IMPORTANT ROOM  of the home. Your retreat. Your getaway. 


Start with a calming piece of art. I chose Golden Vortex because looking deep into it makes you feel as though you are slipping away. In deep slumber, you should feel as though you are floating down the vortex into la-la-land.

Golden Vortex from the Hong Kong Light Show collection

A huge bed (so that you can roll around together) with simple lines (so that it will last for decades) to load up with comfy, cushy pillows and blankets. Think cloud-like comfort when picking out your accessories. 

Dawson King Bed from Crate & Barrel

I read ages ago that you should always use white (and shades of white) for your bed linens because it subconsciously provides tranquility for you while you sleep. 

I would paint the walls a warm gray (carries some of the strength and mystery of black, invokes serenity) or golden yellow (happiness). You can read about the meanings of color HERE.

To continue the clean, modern look I would add a chest with simple lines and asymmetrical features.

Ferris Chest from Crate & Barrel

Show me pictures of your favorite bedroom….real or design inspirations of what you would love to have! 

Tomorrow….the home office :)

Designing the Dining Room = art + furniture


SUBJECT: dining room

Today the focus is on the dining room. That wonderful place to gather, eat yummy food and share laughter.

Start with a piece of art that will get people talking. Choose big, intense color…it will be one of the few pieces of color in the room.

I chose the funkiest of the pieces from the Hong Kong Light Show collection, Kaleidoscope:

Kaleidoscope from the Hong Kong Light Show collection

Add some cool glassware that play off the artwork:Tour Wine Glasses from Crate & Barrel

Funky, modern dinnerware to add some flair to your food:

Tours Dinnerware from Crate & Barrel

And a solid, simple-lines dining table that will tie it all together:

Big Sur Dining Table from Crate & Barrel

Now you have the basics pieces that you need to have your first dinner party! 

Tomorrow: the bedroom!

This proposal kicked off my week’s thoughts on love, marriage and designing a space that includes art and the backbone pieces needed in a new home. 


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