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Seeds and the Blossoming of Romance in Bali

This story has sparks of starting in Bali. Since I am living here now I thought this would tie in great with this week’s theme of love, marriage, design and meshing it all together into a shared life.

The beginnings of the story of Amy Goldman andCaryFowler…

“I learned to trust him, so I think it just boils down to love and trust. Add a bit of faith in there, too, like you have faith in a seed — Henry David Thoreau’s faith in a seed.” - Amy

 “Our eyes were opening. We were beginning to realize that an interesting person was standing right in front of us.” He recalled the meeting as being boring but, “Well, gosh, Bali itself was beautiful,” and it proved to be fertile ground for romance. - Cary

Read the entire story in the New York Times column. It inspired me :)

Love You, Now the Difficult Stuff

Surprisingly few newly engaged couples seem to have these frank discussions, some of which can serve to avoid painful misunderstandings later on.

“Courtship-dating-romance is a process of collecting information about each other, sifting through it to decide ‘Should I continue with this person?’ ” said Marty Klein, a marriage and family therapist inPalo Alto,Calif.Once people decide they are in love, he said, too often they will duck tough conversations for fear of undermining what they see as a magical connection.

Wonder how many couples have the “how will our stuff mesh together?!?” discussions before moving in together?

(Source: The New York Times)

This proposal kicked off my week’s thoughts on love, marriage and designing a space that includes art and the backbone pieces needed in a new home. 


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