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Valentine’s Day?!? You want me to buy you what for Valentine’s Day?

With the addition of the miniatures there are now 4 sizes available. An affordable way to add beauty to your surroundings! 


in B&W inspired by Ansel Adams

August 2012, Top of the Tops Collection, printed on Museo Silver Rag Archival 100% Cotton

Read the story of taking this picture in the HImalayan Mountains of Nepal at:

Night Dreams by Photographer Amanda Brown

The May Collection is still available. Shop the Hong Kong Light Show for beautiful abstract neon inspired prints for you home and office.

You can read more of the stories of photographer & writer Amanda Brown in her travel journal at Share in the exploration of the culture, design and life of each country visited.

WASHED by Amanda Brown

Washed by Amanda Brown

The July Collection is here. Shop the Beauty of Bali for beautiful nature inspired prints for your home and office.

You can read more of the stories of photographer & writer Amanda Brown in her travel journal at Share in the exploration of the culture, design and life of each country visited. 

Pensive Dreams, part of the Spirit of Bali collection

You can tell this boy is a son of a son of a sailor. I snapped this from the back of a scooter while winding my way around the hills of Nusa Penida in Bali. His father’s boat was off on the horizon and he was watching as his dad sailed away. What a beautiful shot to see! 

You can read more of the stories in my travel journal at Amanda’s Big World Adventure. I’ve been having fun out here on the road and want to share it with you. Come join me!

Take a look at the other pics in the collection and let me know which songs come to mind for you. Think I may continue the music and picture pairings again next week. I love both! Whatcha think?

Go to to view & purchase!

So we all have a past and some door to open to our soul to bring what we want to be. The story behind this picture is amazing…you can read about it at my main site Amanda’s Big World Adventure. 

Needless to say, my time in Bali is opening my thoughts and soul to what I want in my life. 

I think this video tells the story the best :)

Enjoy! Fill your soul with love!

Visit Amanda's Big World Adventure to see this pic and others too!

Every time I see someone fishing a blues tune starts playing in my mind…not certain why, guess it’s a Southern thang!

Come over to my main site, Amanda’s Big World Adventure, to read the stories about this pic and others too. Bali brought the stories out of me while I was snapping away! 

I think music and art go hand-in-hand. Together they tell a great story.

Designing the Outdoor Space = art + furniture


SUBJECT: outdoor space

Walk in the door, put down your stuff, take a deep breath and walk outside to your Zen Space. It’s time to make your Outdoor Space a retreat area!

Outdoor furniture from Crate & Barrel

Just think of how nice it would be to sink into an outdoor sofa like that! 

Now add your art focal point with a piece like Rainbow Puddle. The name alone makes me think of the great smells and fun puddles to jump in after an afternoon summer shower.

Rainbow Puddle from the Hong Kong Light Show collection by Amanda Brown

The colors tie everything together and add a brilliant burst of colors!

Add a few plants, nice greenery and flowering annuals, in pots like these and you have a beautiful zen space! 

Hot pots from Crate & Barrel

A perfect spot for relaxing at the end of the week with your sweetie and friends! Enjoy!

Next Monday I celebrate my full moon birthday in Bali…guess what I will be talking about :)

Have a great weekend! 

Designing the Home Office = art + furniture


SUBJECT: home office

The home office, the place where I spend 50% of my day (sometimes it feels like 99%!), is a very important place to have organized and ready for work.

Admit it…you DO work at home!

So let’s make it look beautiful yet provide you with the space and organization you need to make the magic happen! 

Rice Paddy Haze from the Hong Kong Light Show collection by Amanda Brown

This piece of fine art photography, Rice Paddy Haze, is a favorite of the art gallery owners who represent my work. The instant they see it you hear the purr of contentment….the exact feeling that needs to be invoked when you are busy at work! 

Add to that a great shelving system to display books, trinkets from your travels and pictures of you with your sweetie.

Sloane Leaning Desk from Crate & Barrel

Then, the most important feature, a desk that is stylish and functional.

Clybourn Desk from Crate & Barrel

And a chair that is comfortable and has clean lines. Don’t mess up the design by putting a clunker from Office Depot in here!

Ripple Desk Chair from Crate & Barrel

Put all of that together in your own room (for more privacy), a nook/porch or a section of the living room and you are set!

Tomorrow: creating zen in your outdoor space!

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